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Malice Reviews December Update

All the videos you are about to see were released from December 9th to the 25th. Enjoy.

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Mad Matt Inc Halloween 2014 Update

I know I’ve been pretty busy again, but It’s not been without good reason as you’ll soon see. Since last time I’ve reviewed two more halloween movies, and created an 8-bit theme. Enjoy!

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Malice Reviews #29 Zombi 2

Last review of the season. The next videos will be side plot advancement and finale. Thanks for watching and keep tuned for the new format coming soon.

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Malice Reviews #27 They Live

Matt continues to review a few more movies, while things continue to brew in the back ground.

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Malice Reviews #26 House II


Malice has run off again, and Matt tries to carry on without him as he talks about House II.

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Malice Reviews #25 House

Malice and Matt return to go over House, and how they are going to plan out there future reviews!

Malice Reviews #24 Music Store Massacre

Malice is joined by the entire League Sword Fish, and returns for the first review in months. Welcome to the Indy film, Music Store Massacre.