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It’s been a while.

Kind of wondering if people still visit. Seems they do, so if people are still looking, let me know what you think of my current content, and if you’d like to see more.

Matt Plays Gargoyle’s Quest

Here is my full Streamed run of Gargoyle’s Quest. Enjoy!

Matt Plays GTA3: Island 3

The final act, and last episode of the GTA3 Run. Enjoy!

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Matt Plays GTA3: Island 2

This is my run on Island two. The second half was recorded after I recovered by getting a new Graphics card. For some reason the Webcam is bugging out too. Not sure why. Either way I’m not messing with it for now.

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Matt Plays GTA3 Island 1

Here is the run of the first Island of GTA3 in a nut shell. Enjoy.

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Matt Ojunix and Ozzie Hate Playing: Talisman #1-4

Below is the full run of our first game of Talisman. It was a nightmare. And I felt it needed to be shown in full just so all can see what this game did to us. Enjoy our rage.

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8-Bit Music; Plays; Tries; and Watches Update

Once again doing a big catch up list. Here is my 8-Bit version of Seikima’s Stainless Night, my first try at a Let’s Play of Sanctum, the first couple episodes of The First Templar, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, my first impressions on EvilQuest, and my first Watches episode in almost a year.

Matt Plays: Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver #5-8

Thus ends Soul Reaver, if you like the show, please share and comment, and I might start Soul Reaver 2 soon. And thanks to every one who has been watching.

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Matt Plays: Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver #1-4

And now my Legacy of Kain run so far. I started this some time last week, and already have a couple hours of run time. Enjoy!

Matt Plays: Smite

Here is a collection of Smite games I’ve played since last time, also fair warning I’ll be doing another post with how far I’ve gotten in my solo let’s play Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Also my big project is almost done, filming and second unitish stuff is done, and it’s all up to editing now. Till then, enjoy!