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8-Bit Music; Plays; Tries; and Watches Update

Once again doing a big catch up list. Here is my 8-Bit version of Seikima’s Stainless Night, my first try at a Let’s Play of Sanctum, the first couple episodes of The First Templar, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, my first impressions on EvilQuest, and my first Watches episode in almost a year.


An Unearthly Podcast #74-80

Updating the list of Unearthly Podcast posting since we just finished season 8 last week.

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Mad Matt Inc Halloween 2014 Update

I know I’ve been pretty busy again, but It’s not been without good reason as you’ll soon see. Since last time I’ve reviewed two more halloween movies, and created an 8-bit theme. Enjoy!

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