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Malice Reviews #27 They Live

Matt continues to review a few more movies, while things continue to brew in the back ground.

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8-Bit A Kind of Magic

This one actually needed a bit of extra editing, having to combine two versions since the start of the main version was just so hard to sit through. So I made another version with a better opening and put them together.

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Matt Plays: Evil Genius #5

Matt finally brings the crime bosses together!

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Borderlands #9

Matt returns as he continues to work through Borderlands. This time he pushes through Krom’s Canyon.

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8-Bit Punchout Remix

Along with the covers. Let’s do a little more touching up and remixing shall we? The first originally 8-bit song to get fixes. It’s Punchout!

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Matt Tries: Robocraft

More free games to try out this week. Matt crosses his fingers and tries out another free game that features making your vehicles for combat!

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8-Bit Rolling in the Deep

Made this for the last Matt Tries ending. Work out well, so I might as well push it out on it’s own too while I have it.

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Matt Tries: Unturned

Matt tests out a new free to play FPS, how do things fair? Not so well to be honest.

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Matt Plays: Rust #27

It’s been a while, and there are finally some new changes to Rust again, in the form of a Test version.

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Matt Plays: Evil Genius #4

Matt set up another montage video so every one can try to catch up. Enjoy!
Also please comment on weather you would like more montage, or more multi part episodes! The more you talk, the more I can make things the way you like it!

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