Archive | May 2014

Matt Plays: ShadowGate #4

The final act! The last part of classic ShadowGate! Hope you all enjoyed, and please comment as to what you would like to see next!

Matt Plays: ShadowGate #3

Matt finishes the 3rd part of 4. The end goal is in sight, but also a lot of crazy stuff is about to pull together all once! Hang on!

Matt Plays: ShadowGate #2

Matt pushes on, finishing the first half of the game. The strange item collecting continues as Matt prepares for what’s ahead!

Matt Plays: ShadowGate #1

Matt kicks of the short let’s play series. Starting with the intro and an item grab race as a Dragon tries to kill him!

Matt Plays: Hide and Seek #2

Matt plays another round of Hide and Seek on Gmod. This time mostly using one voice, that being Sean Connery!

Matt Plays: Garry’s Mod – Hide and Seek

Matt tries out another Garry’s mod mode. And while doing so decides to add in voices for a bit of fun.

Vlog 21: Epic Late Birth-Mas

Matt and his friend Mike normally have a Birthday/Christmas far sooner in the year, but things got late this time. So at last it came, and things turned out pretty good this year.

8-Bit Golden Axe Wilderness

ime to pull out the songs I’ve been making for other episodes. This is the full Remix 8-bit version of Golden Axe’s Wilderness aka Lvl 1 theme.

A Day in the Life of EverQuest #2

Matt finally finishes the Starting Zone!

Matt Tries: Critical Strike – Zombie Survival

Matt tests out a small indie game on request.