Archive | April 2014

Matt Plays: Borderlands #6

Matt finally takes out Sledge and gets ready for the next couple of levels of the game. Also watch as Matt channels his rage so hard that he even manages to back Sledge into a corner!

A Day in the Life of EverQuest

Trying a equally as old of a game for the MMO Day in the Life series, this time it’s Matt Solo in EverQuest.

Matt Plays: Borderlands #5

Matt finally wraps up with the pre Sledge missions. Next time The Battle with Sledge!

A Day in the Life of Anarchy Online

Matt tires out a new format for MMOs. A Day in the Life, this first show try out is for Anarchy Online. Hope you enjoy. If it catches on, we will make more.

Matt Plays: Borderlands #4

We finally get the Mine key, and start our final side missions before fighting Sledge.

Matt Plays: Left 4 Dead 2 Borderlands Romero Mod

We try yet again to get through Left 4 Dead 2, and this time get through two stories.

8-Bit Unforgiven

In a rather gloomy place of late. Might be making a few more like this, but for now I leave you all with Unforgiven, originally made by Metallica.

Matt Plays: Borderlands #3

We return to Borderlands to continue our lvling up and side missions before taking on Sledge

Matt Tries: Super Sanctum TD

On a whim, and a sale. Matt buys and Tries out the retro style Tower Defense game, Super Sanctum TD.

Matt Plays: Borderlands #2

Matt returns and we continue to plow our way through to lvl 12! Watch as we also save T.K.’s leg, and get a new car!