Archive | March 2014

Matt Plays: Prop Hunt 3 Part 2

The second part of the recent Garry’s Mod return. This time we rock the Zombie Bunker!

Matt Plays: Prop Hunt #3 Part 1

Matt returns with a new two part Garry’s mod video! Watch as he goes from horrible to epic in only half an hour. Part 2 coming soon!

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper II #5

Another dungeon delving, this time gaining us the Casino and the Rouges for new creatures to our realm.

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper II #4

As the levels are getting longer Matt slims this episode to only one Dungeon. Watch as we battle our way to the next gem and another part of the summon spell!

Matt Plays: Less Rust Videos

Matt’s going to talk about the decline in good servers, and the future lack of Rust based videos on this channel.

Erin and Matt Try: Saints Row 2

Erin guest hosts again as we try out Saints Row 2!

Matt Plays Rust #26

With the server majority having moved, we start yet again on a new server full of kill crazies. Hope you enjoy.

Vlog #17 Nvida Fail

Nvida screwed up big time now.

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper II #3

Two more dungeons, and one of the hardest dungeons yet in the game! Be prepared also for the longest episode to date with over an hour and a half of game play and planning!

Matt Plays Strife #4

This episode, Matt shows off the Mage Cat named Moxie.