Archive | February 2014

Matt Plays: Cards Against Humanity #3

Final Episodefrom Thursday 2/27 and kicking it off, Matt pretends to be Diamanda Hagen.

Matt Plays: Cards Against Humanity #2

2/27 Thursday night CAH, ROUND 2!

Matt Plays: Cards Against Humanity #1

Matt joins a group of other online video makers to do a few hours of Cards Against Humanity!

Vlog #15 RoboCop

Matt and Phauxe talk about the original version, and remake of RoboCop!

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper #7

A new room, a new special summon monster. And a really harsh map. We’re getting close, and this is the first two parter map. See how things turn out in the first round, and get ready for tomorrow’s next round!

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper #6

This episode we finally get a Barracks and get the new fighting unit, the Orcs.

Matt Plays: Rust (Early Alpha) #17

Matt returns to the PvE server to find that some one has broken in again.

Matt Plays: Rust (Early Alpha) #16

Matt tries out a private PvP server.

Matt Plays: Loadout #1

Trying out the new Third person shooter, that’s out for free on Steam. Have a look.

Matt Plays: Dungeon Keeper #5

Round two of the Keeper battles. And this time we have Torture rooms, Mistresses and new demons to play with.