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Matt Plays: Cthulhu Saves the World #6

Matt pushes the game on as they go off into the hardest fight yet in the game. But is this the last episode? You the viewers make the call!

8-Bit Kamen Rider ZO – In Memory of Jew Wario

A strange path led to the making of this video. I was leading down to making stuff for the next video. But then my path turned right around and went this way. Instead of fighting it I fallowed, and this video is now the result of it. Hope you enjoy, and please like or subscribe if you enjoyed watching. Thank you.


Matt Tries: Rust

From the same people that gave us Garry’s Mod comes Rust. A game that wishes to combine element from a number of popular games.

Malice Reviews #24 V is for Villains – Evolve or Die

Malice is back! And there is a change in plans since Matt woke him up again.

Vlog 15 : The Hobbit Part 2

Matt, Phauxe, and Mike-Cyrus return for the second round of The Hobbit trilogy.

Matt Watches: Revenge of Doctor X

Originally planed for a big event, Matt finally solo fights with a movie written by Ed Wood.

Matt Plays: Cthulhu Saves the World #5

Neither Colds, nor -30 temps can keep Matt away from Cthulhu, watch as we randomly enter a dungeon for loots!

Anime Apocalypse 2013 Video

Finally, Matt pulls together This Year’s Anime Apocalypse Video. Short, but to the point, have a look.

Matt Tries: Unholy Heights

Matt returns again with a new Indy game title from Japan.

Vlog #14: Sickness

Not doing so well…