Archive | September 2013

Matt Plays: Farcry 3 Blood Dragon #11

Matt continues some side missions and takes over some more garrisons. But also runs into an odd group of Turtles that are apparently Mutated.

Matt Plays: FarCry 3 Blood Dragon #10

Matt continues to run the small missions, saving some neards, shooting down some new targets, and getting ready for the next step.

Super Kaiju Podcast Live: News and Ultraman

The start of a new crew, and a new set up. We talk a bit more on the news this time before doing a quick review on the start of Ultraman.

Garry’s Mod Vs #2

Matt shows you some interesting things he’s found out about old school and new School NPCs and how there weapons work with each other.

Super Kaiju Pocast Live! #1

The first episode of a new podcast Featuring Mad Matt, Bill, and our guest this week, Matt Burkett.

Geek.Kon 2013 Video

Some of the things that went on at Geek.Kon, Hope you enjoy.

Garry’s Mod VS #1

Testing out some new things on Garry’s Mod and figured I’d show off what I know so far. Hope you enjoy and if the viewings are high I might do more.

Matt Plays: FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Episode 9

Matt finished the story mission and then goes of to save a few Nerds… maybe.

Matt Plays: FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Episode 8

Matt finally pulls away from the side work to do one of the actual story missions!

Vlog 9: Convention Aftermath and Catch Up

Matt talks a little bit about how things went down at the convention and some of the things that have been on his mind before and after the Con.