Archive | July 2013

Matt Plays: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Episode 5

Matt takes you on a haphazard item hunt across the north western part of the Island. Nerds, and Cyborgs, and Tigers, oh my.

Malice Reviews #14 Army of Darkness

The Trio is about to split apart at last, but there is still time for one more review, so ends the Evil Dead Trilogy.

Matt Plays: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Episode 4

Matt takes on the last garrisons in the area so he can go item hunting. But it seems the other cyborgs have another plan…

Vlog 7: Pacific Rim

Matt and guest host Thomas talk about the new movie, Pacific Rim.

Matt Tries: Rogue Legacy

Matt finally returns once more with a new game fresh on the market, and on sale for a short time. Rogue Legacy is a mixture of Rouge Like elements and MetroidVana style game play. Sit back and enjoy as Matt runs off to die… a lot. If popular this may be the start of the new run of Game Fail videos.


Malice Reviews #13 Evil Dead 2

The Trio returns this week for the second part of the three part review.

Matt Plays: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Episode 3

Matt moves on doing another mission and takes another base!

Vlog 6

Matt wishes to update every one on the plans for Malice Reviews a little bit. Also talking about some stuff he pulled out of storage.

Malice Reviews #12 The Evil Dead

Malice, and the other two personalities have a look at the original The Evil Dead film staring Bruce Campbell.

Matt Watches: Starman Evil Brain from Outer Space

Matt and Mike tried to have a watch at this movie, but it didn’t turn out. So to make up for it, Matt forces himself through this movie again! Enjoy the final chapter of Starman: Evil Brain from Outer Space