Archive | March 2013

Matt and Mike Watch: Star Knight

This time, Matt and Mike watch a Spanish film set in the middle ages, with a… “Star Knight”.

Matt Plays Final Fantasy: Episode 3 Part 3

Finally the last part of the 3rd episode, and the first True boss himself. The Litch!

Matt Plays Final Fantasy Episode 3 Part 2

This time Matt takes you into the first levels of the Earth dungeon and shows you the first boss, the Vampire.

Matt Plays: Final Fantasy Episode 3 Part 1

The first part of our 3rd episode we are grabbing up all the gear we need before starting up after then next part of the game.

Malice Reviews #8 Superman IV

Malice continues to go through the original Superman movie, this time skipping for III to review the last of the original run, Supermain 4: the Quest for Peace.

Mad Matt VLog 36: Christmas and BDay update

Matt finally gets to show of the last bits of his loot for Birthday Christmas, and a few extras.

Matt Tries: SMITE

This time Matt tries out a more action 3 person version of the DOTA type games where the Gods duke it out with one another!

Matt Tries: Thief Gold

This time Matt shows you a bit of Thief Gold, the game that started up the stealth action games in a big way.