Archive | February 2013

Mad Matt V Log 35

Matt updates every one why there is going to be a lack of videos and very quickly talks about other plans.

Matt Plays: League of Legends #7

This time we see a first time use of Yi the Samurai like hero, and test his power.

Matt Tries: Wizardry Online

Matt tries out the newest MMO RPG to be made by Sony Online. This time it’s a dark gritty game called Wizardry. How do things go? Watch and find out!

Malice Reviews #7 Superman II

Finally the second act is now upon us as Malice is urged to continue on with the second Superman film.

Matt Plays: League of Legends #6

This time Matt tries out the little fire Mage known as Annie!

Matt Tries: Bastion

This week we try out a newer Action RPG. Now very cheep and easy to get a hold of. But also, despite this being only single player. Matt also brought in Erin of Mystic Tales fame ( ) So sit back and enjoy as we Try, Bastion!

Matt Tries Opening

Quick video tor the show’s new main opening for the next half year or so.

Matt Watches: The Atomic Brain

This time Matt takes on another MST3K movie he has only seen once before. And it may not be as bad as some of the others, but it for sure has some of it’s own problems.

Matt Tries: Phantasy Star II

As planed, it’s Retro Matt Tries this week. This time we bring you, Phantasy Star II. An older RPG for the Genesis!

Mad Matt Inc Special 45: Pepper Jack Doritos

In this food based quicky. Matt tests out the Pepper Jack Doritos that were made in time for the Super Bowl. How do they fair out? Have a look!