Archive | January 2013

Matt Tries: Orcs Must Die!

This time Matt shows you the medieval fantasy strategy that has a very straight foreword name.

Matt Tries: Dead Pixels

Matt tries out a retro looking Zombie simulator for the PC (also released on other platforms). Does the retro feel hold up, or is doomed to be one of the undead?

Malice Reviews #6 Superman

Malice is forced now to start up a series of reviews for Superman films as the box set ends up on screen.

Matt Plays: League of Legends #4

This time Matt mixes things up with one of the newest characters!

Matt Tries: Super Monday Night Combat

Matt comes back this time with a more modern free to play game. How is it doing? Well have a look!

Matt Plays: Final Fantasy #2

Matt takes you through finding the Elves, there battle with the Dark Elf, getting the Mystic Key, the TNT and finding the Dwarfs so you can finally see the outer world! (Side note, sorry about the speaking audio, there was no way to fix it.)

Matt Plays : League of Legends #3

Matt puts on Sion and has a surprisingly good game this time.