Archive | December 2012

Matt Tries: Hawken

In an attempt to get the first impression specials there own series, Matt proudly brings you, Hawken!

Malice Reviews #5 Godzilla VS King Kong

Malice finally moves on from horror movies and does another Godzilla film.

Mad Matt Inc Special 40 Matt Build Lego Weather Top

In this new special. Matt takes his Christmas gift, and shows you how he progressed through building Lord of the Rings’ Weather Top.

Mad Matt Inc Special 39 Ever Quest

Matt tries out Ever Quest for the first time, with Erin guest starring for the first half. Sit back and enjoy as Matt tries to figure out how the game works for the first time.

Matt Watches: The Beast of Yucca Flats

Matt returns once more with another public domain film, and one of the worst the 60’s has to offer. This time we bring you Tor Johnson in The Beast of Yucca Flats

Mad Matt Inc Special 38 No More City of Heroes

The last minutes of CoH and the first death of a MMO Matt was actually playing.

D&D A strange New World Episode 2 Part 4

The group finally makes there move against the Skum in the longest part of the series so far, after letting loose the prisoners, they party runs for the hills while also encountering what may have controlled the undead here.

Matt Plays Final Fantasy Episode 1 Part 2

Matt wraps things up with Matoya the Witch, the broom’s secret message. And doing battle with Pirates, and other goods to be found in the second city.

Matt Plays Final Fantasy Episode 1 Part 1

Matt starts up the new game for the show. The first epic fantasy RPG for the NES, FINAL FANTASY!

D&D A Strange New World Episode 2 Part 3

The heroes finally make there first attempts to attack the Skum invaded city!