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Lounge L33ts Episode 5: The Horned God

We focus our limited attention spans on The Secret World, including a pretty extended discussion on PvP, pets, and abilities. Beware to World of Warcraft fans, there is a bit of WoW bashing going on in this episode, but hopefully we kept it under control. This is a game I highly suggest checking out, despite the negative criticism it’s received.


Lounge L33ts Episode 4: The Prancing Pony

We manage to get Randy to play LOTRO, Sarah Bloy joins us to bestow some Tolkien wisdom, and we hear the Tale of the Bag of Devouring (it involves a dragon).

An Unearthly Podcast – A Town Called Mercy

The Gunslinger fed across the desert, and the Man in Black (along with Mad Matt, Flynn, Randy and Thomas Fyrehart) followed.

An Unearthly Podcast: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The Unearthly podcast crew returns to talk about mother***king dinosaurs on mother***king spaceships. Actually, I don’t think we used that line once.

Malice Reivews #3 Prince of Darkness

For his next review Malice takes another shake at the John Carpenter roulette wheel.

Malice Reviews Episode 2 Dead Weight

Malice reviews the first asked for review for Mad Matt Inc!

Lounge L33ts Episode 3: The Ski Chalet Part 2

In the second part, we come to a conclusion. NC Soft is the FOX of MMO’s.

Lounge L33ts Episode 2: The Ski Chalet Part 1

The first 2 parter episode! Actually, it was 3 hours long, even after editing, so I split it in twain. This episode we talk about the closure of City of Heroes/Villains, NC Soft, Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriott, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, The Secret World, Funcom, and gender bending just to name a few. Also introducing Eric “Setzer” Craig as our latest guest. I’m hoping he can appear regularly.

Malice Reviews! Big Trouble in Little China

Malice’s first attempt at reviewing, he wishes to spread pain to others. But this first review might need more then a quick peek at Wikipedia.