Archive | September 2012

Lounge L33ts Episode 1: The Grind (pilot)

Matt Winchell and Randy McCullick star in the pilot episode, where we meet up in Anarchy Online’s The Grind. Conversation includes how we all got caught up in MMO’s, the news on Game Director Fia “Lindelu” Tjernberg’s departure, and the prospects on the future of the game.

Mad Matt Special #36 City of Heroes Kryptonite

In November, City of Heroes, much to the anger and sadness of many MMO players will be closing it’s doors. Here is our little send off. We will never forget CoH, with our super human minds…

New Opening: Malice Reviews!

The first bit of work done for the new show. Malice’s new show opening!

Mad Matt Inc Special 36: Geek.Kon 2012

The many sights of this year’s Geek.Kon convention in Madison WI.

Mad Matt VLog 33: Catching Up

Catching every one up on what all has been getting done, and is coming up soon.

An Unearthly Podcast: Asylum of the Daleks

Man in Black, Matt, and other stars host our first Podcast of Doctor Who and go on a talk about continuity.

Matt and Mike Watch R.O.T.O.R

Matt and Mike watch a movie that takes ideas from Terminator and RoboCop and Mixes them together with crazy in the middle. A fun romp, but for how long?