Archive | August 2012

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 12

The team ventures off from getting some extra XP to do a few more quests and meet the alien guardians.


Mad Matt Reviews Frankenstein Conquers the World Final Cut

The final version of the long awaited season finale! Enjoy!

Mad Matt Inc MMO Video II

It’s that time of year again. I’m helping with an MMO panel. Ergo I make another music video for it!

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 11

Erin and Matt hit the road, and become Road Warriors themselves as they continue to escalate the fight with the Bandits. And now featuring, Giant Bugs!

Let’s Play Half Life Episode 11

Gordon finally gets around the beam and sends off the rocket. He then proceeds to do battle with the soldiers and some giant fanged fish.

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 10

Erin’s dad guest starts, while Matt’s mic was not working. Mean while, Erin and Matt wrap up the after math of Sledge.

Mad Matt Special #35 Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine

A special first look at the new Co Op Team Fortress game!