Archive | July 2012

Matt Plays ActRaiser Episode 1

Putting MineCraft on hold for now. Matt tries a new idea for a show. SNES’s ActRaiser!

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 6

Erin and Matt run off to find the gate key, and encounter the Road Rage Psycho!

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 5

Erin and Matt go off to finish some smaller missions before going after a new big bad.

Mad Matt Reviews Special #34 Divine Divinity

Matt plays a little bit of Divine Divinity to see how the game works.

Let’s Play Half Life Episode 10

Gordon seems to have the feeling he has done this before a lot of late…

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 4

Erin and Matt go looking for messages from those that came before them. Also rematch with Bone Head.

Matt Watches: Death By Dialogue

The movie so boring, Matt actually fell asleep.

Let’s Play Borderlands Episode 3

This time we have an epic fight to take on Bone Head.

Mad Matt Reviews #67 Friday the 13th Part 4

Another Friday, and Matt has another special horror movie for today!

Let’s Play Half Life Episode 9

Gordon tries to get things “back on Track” haha!